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Price List and Gallery

NEW!! We've assembled a photo gallery of selected examples of our work. Click here to view the slide show:

Below is the current price list for pottery. For more information please e-mail or phone 828-479-1042.

Please note that listed pottery may not be available at all times. Please call or e-mail for current availability.

Click here for a PDF version of the price list for download: pdf



Glazes | Place Settings

Baking Dish (Oval) $75.00
Baking Dish (Souffle Type) $65.00
Baking Dish (Lasagne Type) $175.00
Berry Bowl with Plate $64.00
Canister Set (3 pieces) $185.00
Casserole with Lid $75.00
Cereal Bowl $35.00
Cheese Plate and Dome $52.00
Chip and Dip Platter $95.00
Covered Jar (Cookies, etc.) $75.00
Cream & Sugar Set $75.00
Honey Pot /Jam Jar $40.00
Lamps Custom Order
Mixing Bowl $85.00
Mug $35.00
Napkin/Letter Holder $40.00
Pie Plate/Quiche Dish $45.00
Pitcher $35.00/$45.00/$55.00
Platter $80.00
Platter With Handles (Oval) $145.00
Pouring Bowl $75.00
Scalloped Plate $38.00/$48.00
Sconce $52.00
Serving Bowl $48.00
Serving Bowl, Scalloped $55.00
Soup Tureen
Spoon Rest $20.00
Vase $48.00

Glaze Colors  
Hannah Blue  
Hannah Red  
Slate Blue, Bright Blue  
Turquoise Green  
Blue-Green, Bright Blue-Green  
White with Blue  
4-Piece Place Setting $145.00
Dinner Plate $40.00
Salad Plate $35.00
Bowl $35.00
Mug $35.00
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