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Print this order form and mail to:

Yellow Branch Farm
136 Yellow Branch Circle
Robbinsville, NC 28771

The farmstead cheese is $15.99 per pound.
The pepper cheese is $15.99 per pound.
The basil cheese is $15.99 per pound.
The tomato basil cheese (limited production: Nov. - Dec.) is $16.99 per lb.
The natural rind cheese is $17.99 per pound.
There is a 2% food tax for shipments within North Carolina.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card accepted.

Cheese may be ordered by the pound or by whole wheels. The farmstead, pepper and basil cheeses are formed in approximately 10 pound waxed wheels. The natural rind cheese is available in 5 pound wheels more or less. Total weight and shipping charges can only be determined after the order is filled.

Shipment is via UPS, regular ground service. Shipping & handling costs are as follows:
1 - 2 pounds: $15.00
3 - 7 pounds: $16.00
8-12 pounds: $18.00
More than 12 pounds: we'll email you the cost before filling the order.

Note: Cheese is shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Shipping to states in Mountain and Pacific time zones will likely be sent by 3 Day Select or 2nd Day Air and we will email the shipping costs before filling the order.

Orders may also be placed by sending an e-mail to: Note: Please use "Cheese Order" as the subject line of your e-mail.

If you want to send multiple gift packages, please e-mail the shipping information, quantities, and your phone number and we'll call you for your credit card information.

Order Form

Name: __________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________ (Please include area code)

e-mail address: ___________________________________________

Address for shipping:

Street Address: ___________________________________

Apt. or other:______________________________________

City: ____________________________________________

State: _____________________________ Zip: __________

Is this address(check one): Residential ____ or Commercial ____

How did you hear about us?

Grain and Salt Society: _____ Brochure: _____ Newspaper _____ From a Friend: _____
Website: _____ Other (please describe): ___________________________________

Yellow Branch Farmstead Cheese
________ lbs. @ $15.99 Subtotal: $_______________
Yellow Branch Pepper Cheese 
________ lbs. @ $15.99 Subtotal: $_______________
Yellow Branch Basil Cheese
________ lbs. @ $15.99 Subtotal: $_______________
Yellow Branch Natural Rind Cheese
________ lbs. @ $17.99 Subtotal: $_______________
Yellow Branch Tomato Basil Cheese (see limitation above)
________ lbs. @ $16.99 Subtotal: $_______________
Total Cost of Cheese Total Cheese Cost: $_______________
North Carolina Residents add 2% Tax Total: $_______________
Calculate shipping - see above. Shipping: $_______________
Grand Totals: Cheese/Tax/Shipping Grand Total: $ _______________
Circle One: Visa; MasterCard; Discover Card, American Express


Expiration Date (mm/yy): _________________

Signature: ________________________________________

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